Neurodiversity and Design

In December last year, I had the privilege of being invited as one of the guest speakers at the PDMS Design Diverse mini-conference. In my session, I spoke about the benefits of an inclusive design workforce that incorporates neurodiversity. What is…

The Art of being Quiet

Hello folks! This blog is going to focus on the art of being quiet, and how we can use quietness to support each other in our wellbeing. Quietness can be used as an excellent strategy for living well, so this blog will focus on how we can bring more…

Obtaining views, wishes and feelings

Hello folks! This month’s blog is about obtaining views, wishes and feelings. Historically, people with disabilities have often found it very difficult to have their voices heard- particularly people with learning disabilities. Very often momentous…

Blog 1 - Introduction

Hello folks! Welcome to the website, and welcome to the first of a series of Disability Awareness blogs. This blog section is aimed primarily at parents and carers of people with disabilities, as well as those who work with or support them. Over the…


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