If you are a parent or carer of somebody with a disability, or you work with or provide services that include people with disabilities, we can support you. Advice, guidance and consultation can be provided to the following groups:

Businesses and services
Advice and guidance on workplace settings, reasonable adjustments for employees, work place care plans for employees with disabilities. Consultation on how to support your service to become more disability friendly.

Schools and education staff
Advice and guidance on setting curriculum content, disability awareness and understanding, and disability inclusion within the school setting. Support with developing individual care plans and risk assessments for young people.

Social work and social care
Consultation on service development. Advice and guidance on service improvement and training plans. Service planning for care homes and short breaks units. Preparation for inspections. Advice and guidance on care plans, risk assessments and action plans for individuals.

People with disabilities
Direct work with children, young people and adults with disabilities. Ascertaining views on services. Obtaining views, wishes and feeling prior to reviews and conferences. Consultation on service development and strategy. Support in implementing new care plans and risk assessments. Direct support to people with disabilities in supporting change and development.

Parents and Carers
Support, guidance and advice to parent and carer groups on supporting children and adults with disabilities. Consultation with individual families on areas such as sleep, diet, toileting and behaviour. Support and guidance on self-care for carers.

Healthcare settings
Advice and guidance on providing health services for people with disabilities. On a service level or individual basis. Preparation of care plans and communication plans, including communication passports. Direct support to people with disabilities in healthcare settings.

Charities and Third Sector
Consultation, support and guidance on service planning, disability awareness, inclusion and service development. Assistance with policy development, and statement of purpose. Direct support to people with disabilities within your service.

Nurseries and Early Care
Support, advice and guidance on promoting and establishing your service as disability friendly. Consultation on care planning, service planning and policy development. Consultation and advice on supporting individuals within your service. Direct support to children within your service to develop positive staff practise.

If you are looking for support in any area relating to disability issues, and a quote on what services can be offered, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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